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Taplock Finger Tap Keyless Vehicle Entry System

Never get lock out of your vehicle again.

Taplock is a device that unlocks your vehicle by simply tapping on the windshield with your fingers using your own unique code. Taplock installs underneath your dashboard and connects to your vehicle’s door lock system. A small Receiver Module is attached to the windshield by suction cup. Taplock™ actuates a vehicle’s power assist door locks or trunk, from outside the vehicle.

Taplock™ consists of a Receiver Module mounted on your windshield via a tiny, clear suction cup and a hidden Controller Module. When a series of taps are “heard” by your Taplock and recognized to be identical to your own programmed tapping code, the system relay activates the door’s “un-lock” mechanism.

The tapping pattern required to activate the Taplock can be as simple as just a few taps, or as complex as ten groups of up to ten taps (resulting in millions of possible combinations). The combination must match exactly before access is granted.


· LED blinks to confirm each tap.

· Easy to change your personalize code.

· Simple verification of the stored code.

· Permanent memory never loses the stored code.

· Sleep mode, which disables the LED light.

· LED normally disabled when ignition is in “on” position. (Can be set to operate with ignition running.)

Security Features:

After twelve (12) unsuccessful attempts to enter your code, Taplock will become disabled for five (5) minutes with the Receiver Module LED blinking every few seconds after which you may resume attempting to enter your code. This “lock-out” mode prevents unauthorized entry.

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Digital Keypad Combination Starter Kill Immobilizer for Car & Motorcycle

The Asianwolf Smart KPL can be installed in your car or on your motorcycle. It prevents unauthorize people from starting your vehicle. To start the car, you’ll first have to enter the secret 4 to 6 digit passcode. This keypad combination entry system is easy to install on any car, truck or motorcycle. No one will be able to start your car without entering the six-digit combination code, even if they have the keys to the car! The Smart KPL can be used as a standalone system or as an addition to other existing vehicle security systems and is designed to provide the best combination of maximum protection and operational convenience.

The Smart KPL Starter disable system includes a keypad unit which is installed on the front panel of the vehicle at an easy to reach location, and the main module which is typically installed underneath the vehicle dashboard. The keypad illuminates for night time use. No more worries about someone taking off with your car. Even if they break your ignition or steering column and try to hotwire it, THEY WILL FAIL! If you are carjacked outside your vehicle, hand them the keys and run. They won't be able to start your car because you have the combination keypad Smart KPL installed. If they take your car while the engine is running, they won't be able to start it again once they turn the ignition off. The Smart KPL car keypad combination unit comes with complete with relay and all wiring harnesses and diagrams. The Smart KPL personal car entry system was designed as a unique security system which fits all 12V vehicles.

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